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Responsible Diggy Breiling
Last Update 09/04/2023
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SME Stakeholder Intermediate
  • Introduction to Colabmo and SME Role
    3Lessons ·
    • Understanding Colabmo's mission and values
    • Overview of the SME role and its significance
    • Introduction to the course structure and learning objectives
  • Security and Confidentiality
    3Lessons ·
    • Importance of data security and confidentiality
    • Best practices for safeguarding sensitive information
    • Role-specific guidelines for secure communication and data handling
  • Nature of Employment (Contract 1099)
    3Lessons ·
    • Explaining the 1099 contractor status
    • Tax implications and responsibilities
    • Managing self-employment taxes and deductions
  • Mastering Odoo ERP for Effective Collaboration
    3Lessons ·
    • Introduction to Odoo ERP as Colabmo's primary platform
    • Navigating Odoo for project management and communication
    • Utilizing Odoo features for task tracking, document sharing, and reporting
  • BYOD Policy and Odoo Implementation
    3Lessons ·
    • Aligning BYOD policy with Odoo usage
    • Ensuring device security for Odoo access
    • Managing personal and professional usage within Odoo's ecosystem
  • Creating Marketable Courses with Odoo Integration
    3Lessons ·
    • Overview of creating educational content with Odoo
    • Integrating Odoo features for interactive and engaging courses
    • Structuring courses to leverage Odoo's capabilities
  • Contracting as a Subject Matter Expert
    3Lessons ·
    • Exploring the contracting process with clients
    • Negotiating terms, expectations, and deliverables
    • Managing client relationships and ensuring successful project outcomes
  • Exploring Multiple Income Streams as an SME
    3Lessons ·
    • Understanding diverse income opportunities within Colabmo
    • Balancing contracting, course creation, and referrals
    • Strategies for maximizing earnings and professional growth
  • Course Wrap-up and Next Steps
    3Lessons ·
    • Review of key takeaways from the course
    • Actionable steps for successful integration as a Colabmo SME
    • Guidance on ongoing learning and support resources