ISO 9000 Quality System Development

ISO 9000 Quality System Development

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 Compliance and Certification


Welcome to our comprehensive course designed to guide your management and team through the step-by-step process of achieving ISO 9001:2015 compliance and certification. By the end of this course, your company will not only understand the standards but will also have developed a tailored Quality Management System (QMS) with all required documents and records for ISO 9001:2015 compliance.

Course Structure

The course is structured into four main stages, each focusing on different aspects of the QMS:

Stage 1: Establishing the Foundation of Your QMS

  1. Procedure for Document and Record Control
    • Develop a system to control both internal and external documents and records.
  2. Quality Policy
    • Formulate a policy that reflects your commitment to quality.
  3. Quality Objectives
    • Set measurable quality objectives.
  4. Quality Manual
    • Create a manual that outlines your QMS processes.
  5. Procedure for Context of the Organization
    • Identify internal and external factors that affect your QMS.
  6. Procedure for Competence, Training, and Awareness
    • Establish a system to ensure competency and awareness among employees.
  7. Procedure for Addressing Risks and Opportunities
    • Implement a process for risk assessment and opportunity identification.

Stage 2: Operational Processes and Customer Orientation

  1. Sales Procedure
    • Develop a process for managing customer requirements and feedback.
  2. Procedure for Design and Development
    • Set up a system for controlling the design and development of products/services.
  3. Procedure for Purchasing and Supplier Evaluation
    • Create a procedure for evaluating and selecting suppliers.

Stage 3: Execution of Production and Services

  1. Procedure for Production and Service Provision
    • Implement a process for the production and delivery of products/services.
  2. Warehousing Procedure
    • Establish a procedure for product storage and handling.
  3. Procedure for Management of Nonconformities and Corrective Actions
    • Develop a system for handling nonconformities and implementing corrective actions.

Stage 4: Continuous Improvement and Performance Evaluation

  1. Procedure for Equipment Maintenance
    • Set up a maintenance plan for equipment.
  2. Procedure for Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    • Implement a process to assess and enhance customer satisfaction.
  3. Procedure for Internal Audit
    • Develop an internal audit process to evaluate QMS compliance and effectiveness.
  4. Procedure for Management Review
    • Establish a management review process to oversee QMS performance.

Course Features

  • Interactive Workshops: Hands-on sessions to develop each part of your QMS.
  • Expert Guidance: Industry experts will provide insights and feedback.
  • Customized Documentation: Templates and tools to create your QMS documents.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Practical exercises simulating real business challenges.
  • Continuous Support: Access to consultants for queries and support.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will:

  • Have a complete ISO 9001:2015 compliant QMS tailored to their organization.
  • Be equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain and improve the QMS.
  • Be prepared for the ISO 9001:2015 certification audit.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for organizational leaders, quality managers, and team members involved in the development, implementation, and maintenance of a QMS.


The course duration will be tailored based on the organization's size and needs.


Embark on this journey to not only achieve compliance with ISO 9001:2015 but to also embed a culture of quality and continuous improvement within your organization. This course is your pathway to establishing a robust, effective, and efficient QMS.

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  • Introduction
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  • Establishing the Foundation of Your QMS
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    • Procedure for Document and Record Control